Accepting the Apple Tree Award
Leading plenary at World Congress for Sexual Health, Montreal.

“Your enthusiasm, sincerity, and dedication to promoting sexual health is a role model for all of us!”

                                                          Workshop participant

About Me

I am an experienced sexuality educator and trainer, with expertise in university instruction, professional development, and curriculum design. My strengths include teaching about human sexuality, the history of sexuality, controversy in sexuality education, personal health, popular culture, media and the Internet, male sexuality, and family communication.  I have a well-honed ability to engage learners in sensitive material, and am consistently ranked by students as superior in advanced planning, supportive class discussion, personal help, presentation clarity, increased knowledge, pedagogical skill, and rapport.  I am a passionate and ethical advocate for sexual health and social justice.

Thank you so much for speaking at the London conference on Male Contraception.  Your presentation on service delivery for men in reproductive health centers was invaluable!” 

                                Reproductive Health Alliance Europe


“Thank you for the terrific research and writing you did on the evaluation project.  The report you created will continue to serve as a guide as the planning process moves forward.”                                                        Organization president

“Your easy going nature, good humor, and expert facilitation skills helped me personally, and helped to make the Summit a huge success.” 
                                                         Event leader

“Thank you for sharing your expertise with our staff and board.  Your enthusiasm, insight, and thorough understanding of trends really sparked our board’s interest, and helped to guide our reorganization.”                                                                                 Non-profit executive director

My Curriculum Vita


               Download it here:


I have over 30 years' experience in sexuality education, and offer individuals and groups educational opportunities to learn about being sexually healthy.


I provide training to educators to enhance their skills in sexuality education, workshops on a variety of topics for professionals and community groups, and management training for non-profits.

Public Speaking

I am available to speak on a variety of issues related to sexuality; adolescent sexuality, sexuality and the media, male issues, the Internet and porn, and parent child communication.